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The Centre for Mobility and Urban Studies

C-MUS aims to contribute to mobility research at the highest international level. C-MUS contributes to the development of theories, concepts and analytical frameworks of mobility studies as well as working with empirical studies embracing disciplinary approaches from urban studies, ethnography, geography, sociology, consumer studies, media studies, discourse studies, urban design, urban planning and management, city politics, urban traffic planning and engineering, and tourism studies.



Instant Urbanism Network on Temporal Architecture in Urban Environments

The Instant Urbanism Network is a joint venture with the School of Architecture in Aarhus and Forest+Landscape at Copenhagen University. The main focus of the network is to critically discuss and qualify the notion of the Temporal in an architectural and urban perspective. The last 5-10 years temporal activities and temporal architecture has found its way as an increasingly popular strategy within urban design, architecture, planning and the arts. But few thorough research projects have been undertaken in this area so far.

The network also intend to bridge between research and praxis, hence this a central part of the network activities are open seminars, workshops and conferences and joint research and development projects with municipalities and developers

The research network has approximately 25-30 researchers from Aalborg, Aarhus and Copenhagen and +50 practitioners from architectural offices,

The network coordinators are:
Professor Hans Kiib, Aalborg University
Associate professor, Lasse Andersson, Aalborg University
Associate professor, Bettina Lamm, University of Copenhagen
Associate professor, Tom Nielsen, School of Architecture Aarhus



Utzon(x) Beyond New technologies in Architecture and Urbanism

Utzon(x) is rooted at the Department of Architecture and Media Technology and The Utzon Center. The main focus is to communicate and developed approaches on how traditional approaches and new technologies can merges on the basis of experiments designed in 1:1 and communicated through design, exhibitions and publication aimed at both experts and laymen.

Utzon(x) asks academia and practice within architecture and urban design from around the world for new approaches, methods, models and projects that attempt to construct architecture from the merged platform of architecture and engineering. Utzon(x) is an international lecture series, an international Summer School, and a laboratory setting up projects with the building industry on new digital methods and fabrication technologies.