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Liaison Committee

The new liaison committee has been appointed and consists of the following members (February 2017 to January 2019):

Formand (Head of committee):

Hans Jørgen Andersen

Medlemmer A-siden (Members appointed by Hans Jørgen Andersen):

Associate professor Christian Tollestrup, Aalborg
Academic officer Lene Rasmussen, København

Medlemmer B-siden (Members appointed by the trade unions):

Assistant professor Michael Holte, Esbjerg (IDA)
Secretary Kristina Wagner Røjen (DM)
Secretary Anne-Marie Rasmussen (HK)
Associate professor Claus B. Madsen, Aalborg (IDA)
Associate professor David Meredith (DM)
Associate professor Claus Kristensen (AF)



Politik for pædagogisk kompetenceudvikling