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Finished PhDs


Gitte Gylling Sørensen
PhD title: A Method for Holistic Evaluation of Active Houses
Supervisor: Mary-Ann Knudstrup

Anne Juel Andersen
PhD title: Urban projects – between place, discourse and planning. Tools in strategic urban regeneration
Supervisor: Hans Kiib

Tenna Doktor Olsen Tvedebrink
PhD title: Hospital Foodscape Design - can the architectural design of dining facilities help improve patient healing?
Supervisor: Anna Marie Fisker

Esben Bala Skouboe
PhD title: Responsive Public Lighting
Supervisor: Hans Jørgen Andersen

Anne-Marie Sandvig Knudsen
PhD title: Drawing the suburb toghether- GPS tracking as a tool for narrating everyday urban life
Supervisors: Henrik Harder and Ole B. Jensen

Simon Wind
PhD title: Making Daily Mobility
Supervisor: Ole B. Jensen



Ditte Bendix Lanng
PhD title: Gesturing entangled journeys. Mobilities design in Aalborg East, Denmark
Supervisor: Ole B. Jensen

Isak Worre Foged
PhD title: Environmental Tectonics: Matter Based Architectural Computation
Supervisor: Mary-Ann Knudstrup

Marie Stender
Supervisor: Claus Bech-Danielsen