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1-year presentations


The purpose of the 1-year presentations is to provide the Ph.D. students with constructive criticism and advice to ensure successful completion of the Ph.D. project.


1 year presentation is a mid-term session of approx. 2 hours. Participants are the Ph.D. student, one opponent (internal professional who is not part of the same research project as the Ph.D. student and not the supervisor of the Ph.D.), supervisors and interested professionals in general.

One month before the presentation, the Ph.D. Students are required to send the 11 -month plan and additional text in the form of a paragraph in the thesis or one or more articles/papers, to the opponent and the supervisors.

The Ph.D. Students gives a 20 - 30 minutes presentation of the work. After this, the opponent gives a presentation response of 20 - 30 minutes. The opponent gives their assessment of the work and asks questions. The Ph.D. student responds. Other participants may, in the end, ask questions and participate in discussions.

Time for 1-year presentation

The presentation will be held after the 11–month plan is approved and when the Ph.D. student is ready with theoretical, methodological or empirical sections that can provide a background for the discussion.
This is, typically, 12-18 months after Ph.D. project has been initiated.

Practical organisation

The Ph.D. Students and supervisors organise the 1-year presentation themselves and send out invitations via Secretary (currently Inaam Ramløse). The opponent receives a payment of 10 hours for their work (preparation and participation). The Ph.D. student defrays the expenses from their Ph.D. transaction amount.

Normally, there is no fund for covering travel expenses.

Alternative form

In cases where, with the PhD student's consent, an opponent from another university/educational establishment or more than one opponent, this can be done when the following conditions are considered:

The 1-year presentation can be organised in connection with a seminar, guest lecture or the equivalent – or as a bit larger seminar with more Ph.D. students together.

It is, in this context, important to keep in mind that the aim is to create a comfortable and constructive frame for the Ph.D. students in connection with their mid-term session. It is, for example not the purpose to brand the department, the research environment or similar. This can be done at other occasions.

The supervisor must provide the funds for expenses related to travel, accommodation, dinner and such. Efforts to raise funds for traveling etc. must not be imposed on the Ph.D. students.

The Ph.D. students are not required to spend their disposable amount on such expenses.