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PhD Lab

The PhD Lab's (MAD-LAB's) main goal is to facilitate a high quality research culture and environment amongst the PhD students at the PhD program, Media, Architecture and Design (MAD). The MAD-LAB's task is to organise seminars and meetings amongst PhD students at the MAD program as well as provide information about relevant external PhD courses and research networks related to the program. Finally the MAD-LAB will be working towards developing PhD courses, both in-house and in collaboration with the networking research environments that researchers within the program collaborates with.

Target Group

The MAD-LAB is the organisational forum for all members of staff at AAU who is working on a PhD thesis within the PhD program in Media, Architecture and Design (MAD). This includes both 'normal' PhD students enrolled under the Doctoral School and the PhD Programme MAD as well as externals and senior members of staff working on a PhD thesis.


The MAD-LAB is based on an informal flow of information and communication amongst the participating PhD students and their respective research groups. The Everyday organisation of the activities within MAD-LAB is carried out by the Coordinator of MAD-LAB in collaboration with one elected PhD student member of the MAD-LAB. There is one elected student member for each section: MAD-LAB Aalborg and MAD-LAB København.

MAD-LAB coordinator in Aalborg is Jacob Bjerre Mikkelsen (jbmi@create.aau.dk)

COP-LAB (MAD-LAB in Copenhagen) coordinator is Turid Borgestrand Øien (tbo@sbi.aau.dk)