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Generic Courses

Interaction Design Research: A Human Centered Approach to Design

The PhD course will enable participants to research, analyse, prototype, evaluate and re-design considering the whole system within its social, critical and cultural contexts of use. Participants will be introduced to practice-based theories of expert practitioners and leading figures in the field with case studies of their work. Working in teams, the participants will then have the opportunity to implement and adapt these practical methods into their own projects. The course is highly collaborative integrating hands–on prototyping and testing with basic research and testing techniques, into every stage of the design and interaction design process. Participants will create rapid prototypes, developed, iterated and presented on a session by session basis via a hands-on, studio-based set of exercises that address human-centered concept exploration, implementation, evaluation and redesign.

Credit: 3 ECTS + 2 if an assignment of 10-20 normal pages is submitted including illustrations.


Design Research – Epistemologies and Methods

This PhD course aim to provide a profound understanding amongst the participants with respect to how their project is located within various positions and schools of thought. The course focus in particular on the two levels of epistemology and method providing insight into philosophy of science as well as specific issues of methodology. The underpinning idea is to get participants to understand how the way they produce new knowledge within design research is related to the research design and the methods applied. The course will both provide a general level of knowledge about theories of science and relevant methods, as well as it will put focus on experimental, pragmatic and empirical research with end user experience as the pivotal theme. The course is divided into state-of-the art lectures on epistemology and methodology, participant's research project presentation and plenary discussions. Participants are expected to read a modest amount of literature before the course, present their projects with specific emphasis on epistemology and methodology (research design), be actively participating in discussions during the course, and post-course submission of a written essay assignment.

Credit: 3 ECTS + 2 if an assignment of 10-20 normal pages is submitted including illustrations.