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The Utzon Research Center is responsible for:

– The Utzon Archive, both the physical and digital collection of Utzon's drawings and other material.

– Research related to Jørn Utzon's work and design methods, both historically and as inspiration to innovative contemporary developments within architecture and design.

– Promotion of an understanding and appreciation of Utzon and architecture, design and creativity generally, through educational programmes and activities for children and young people, as well as the general public.

– Exhibitions on Utzon's work, as well as other exhibitions on architecture, photography, art and spatial installations, in connection with themes related to Utzon.


Conceptual sketch and interior of Bagsværd Church, Denmark


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Thomas Arvid Jaeger
Department AD:MT
Rendsburggade 14
Room: 5.339
9000 Aalborg, DK

Phone: +45 2114 2445
E-mail: arvid@create.aau.dk

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