Department of Architecture, Design, and Media Technology

Welcome to new students at CREATE

In the morning mist of Aalborg Harbor and the high sun of Copenhagen, hundreds of excited, and perhaps a little nervous, new faces appeared at this year’s first day of studies. We welcome all our new students of Archictecture & Design and Medialogy. See photos from study start ind end of article.

Last modified: 02.09.2021

It’s a celebration each time the university opens its doors and welcomes new students. Last year, we couldn’t uphold traditions because of corona restrictions. So this year, the celebration has been even greater. In Aalborg and Copenhagen, there has been speeches, banners and tutors welcoming the new students, and after more than a year of almost empty campuses, finally the halls have been filled with people once again.  

A&D, Aalborg: Be creative and meet new people

Top from left: Matthias, Oliver og Luna 
Bottom from left: Hala, Emilie og Anna 

This new group of A&D’s are going to work together this semester.  They have many different expectations to their study life: 

“I look forward to the social stuff. To get to know new people.” 

“ I look forward to getting started with the academic part of the study.” 

“I can’t wait to draw beatiful things and be creative” 

“I want to be an architecht, to design and develop cities.”

And they got their first photo on the orange staircase.

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Medialogi, Aalborg: Look forward to new technical tools 

Kristian and Frederik are also in the same group and will work together this semester. They look forward to learning new technical skills: 

“I hope to learn a lot about developing interactive games,” says Frederik.

“And I hope to get lots of technical tools. I really like solving problems, both in programming and hardware,” supplements Kristian.

They both look forward to get a great study start and get to know new people. They do a lot of fun social activities these days.

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See the photos

New Medialogy students in Copenhagen

Breakfast in the morning mist in Aalborg

Engaged tutors

Scene activity at breakfast