Department of Architecture, Design, and Media Technology

Teachers of the Year are engaging and motivating

The award for Teacher of the Year 2020/21 goes to Ali Adjorlu from Medialogy in Copenhagen and Christian Tollestrup from Industrial Design in Aalborg. The common denominator for the two Teachers of the Year on Create is that they are committed to their students’ projects and that they have the ability to motivate their students to doing their best.

Last modified: 31.08.2021

In the middle, Christian Tollestrup, surrounded by, from left to right: Daniel Hermansen, vice chairman and students’ representative of the Study Board of Architecture and Design, Helle Jakobsen, Tobias Andersen, and Laura Borg Ogonowski, all student representatives at the Study Board of and students at Architecture and Design.

Ali: It’s an honour to teach

“Ali is an inspiring and whole-hearted teacher who focuses on teaching in a relevant and tangible way,” says Hjalte Drejer Jørgensen, vice chairman of the Study Board of Media Technology.

For Ali Adjorlu it’s an honour to teach.

“It’s a great honour for me to be able to teach the next generations of medialogists. I hope to be able to put my mark on their future and be part of educating students who can contribute to the society in a positive way,” says Ali Adjorlu.

To him, it’s important to make his teaching as relevant as possible for the students.

“I ask them what they work with for their semester projects and use it to present the theories I try to teach. Furthermore, I put a great emphasis on keeping the students’ attention, sometimes through unconventional means. I have been inspired by my very competent colleagues who have also been my own teachers and from whom I have learned so much myself.”

Hjalte Drejer Jørgensen, vice chairman and students’ representative of the Study Board of Media Technology and Ali Adjorlu, teacher and post. doc. at Medialogy. 

Christian: I love to challenge my students

Christian Tollestrup receives the award because, among other things, of the way he commits to the students and combines creativity with structured learning.

“As a teacher, he shows commitment to the class and he is there for any student who needs help – even students on other semesters. He is not afraid to think outside of the box and he tries out new initiatives with excitement. He is a great inspiration for his students and he surprises us constantly and makes us think creatively. And still he is structured and makes it easy for us to follow his classes,” says Daniel Hermansen, vice chairman of the Study Board of Architecture and Design.

Christian Tollestrup actively tries to motivate the students into challenging themselves.

“The best thing is to setup the learning in a way that motivates and drives the students into engaging the assignment with excitement and commitment," he says. He also encourages and challenges them to try things they are not sure of.

"It’s all about giving them a design task that is just challenging enough for them to think “Can I really do this?” Once they have finished the assignment, they are filled with a feeling of great accomplishment. It builds self confidence to overcome something that is hard, challenging and exciting. That is great,” says Christian Tollestrup.

All teachers have done a great job

In Hjalte Drejer Jørgensens experience, all the teachers have been incredibly committed to helping the students keep their heads high through a difficult time.

“They have been able to make their classes effective, motivating and engaging even though they have been completed online and the pandemic has brought on a lot of challenges for all of us.”