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Professor Stefania Serafin talks about her career as a female scientist in podcast

In the newest episode of the podcast series form AAU, "Videnskabsmænd er også kvinder" (Scientists are also women), professor from Sound and Music Computing, Stefania Serafin, talk about what it's like being a female scientist in a mostly male dominated field.

Last modified: 01.10.2021

What is it like being a female scientist in a male dominated scientific field?

When Stefania Serafin, Full Professor and Head of Multisensory Experience lab at AAU Create, was a PhD at Stanford a teacher's assistant at the computer science department once congratulated the women on their luck for being surrounded by so many intelligent and successful men.  

In this episode of the podcast, “Videnskabsmænd er også kvinder” (Scientists are also women”), Stefania Serafin shares her take on the subject and talks about her career.

The episode is the fourth in the series. 

Listen to episode 4, which is in English and find all the other episodes (in Danish) here or find it on Spotify, Apple podcast or Google podcast.