Department of Architecture, Design, and Media Technology

Office trainee from Germany at Create

Last modified: 14.05.2020

Tekst: af Sarah Guldhammer

At Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology, we collaborate with Aalborg Handelsskole about the exchange of trainees. This meant that the school BBZ Rendsburg-Eckernförde sent us Lea Zilske and we had the pleasure to explore the opportunity of having an intern from Germany in our study secretary. The purpose of the stay was to sustain the international collaborations and to give the German intern an insight in the Danish work culture.

Lea is training to be an industrial business management assistant at Lapmaster Wolters GmbH, which specialise in producing surface processing machines. Coming to Aalborg University was therefore a completely new experience and another field of work than Lea was used to.

Lea worked closely with our office trainee Trine Lund Sørensen, who took an impressive responsibility for Lea’s stay.

Lea tells about her visit at Aalborg University:

“Back in February of 2020 I was able to be a participant in a very exciting exchange program for students. The Erasmus + program sent me and four other students to Aalborg to work in various kinds of companies, to gather first hand work experience. After we all experienced Aalborg through a cultural program the week before, we then went ahead and were placed in different companies for 9 days.

The company that was chosen for me was the University of Aalborg, more specific the location of The Departments of Architecture, Design and Media Technology.

From the first day on I felt included because they were so welcoming and nice. It was so exciting for me to work in a complete different environment and I was so glad that everyone was so excited for me to be here.

It was also very nice that I got to work with another trainee to get a great insight of how apprenticeships work in Denmark. I felt very comfortable working with Trine and she was so great in showing and explaining her various tasks.

I am so glad that I got to experience working at the University and with such nice people.

Through this program, I became more confident because I had to present myself and work with complete strangers in a foreign country. I learned so much about the Danish way of life and the work ethic. I would be very glad to work in Denmark, I think it is a great country to work and live in.

I am thankful that I was able to work in such a great environment and that I met such nice and helpful people. This program was one of the best things I could have done.”


As Lea is telling, she had a very positive stray, Trine agree and tells beneath about her experience  

“During Leas stay she was connected to me to give her an insight in how an office trainee has a daily work routine at a Danish workplace. During Lea’s stay, my mission was to introduce her for my normal workday at Aalborg University. This opportunity definitely strengthened my independence and gave me the chance to share my abilities, which confirmed me, in how much experience I made in half a year, as an office trainee.

The above mentioned was only possible because Lea was an industrious, curios and accommodating person. She was interested in my work and wanted to know how my work processes function. This was the result of good cooperation between Lea and myself and therefore I am very grateful, that I had the opportunity to manage such a different challenge.

I am sure that this process has strengthened my effort. Last, I will say thank you to Lea as an intern and to  Nicola, who is in charge of my training and who taught me everything I could teach Lea during her stay with us.”

It is our experience that Lea and Trine learned a lot from their cooperation. Seeing how two young people inspire and encourage each other was very motivating for everybody in the administration.

At our department, we encourage these kinds of events and experiences. We all learned a lot from seeing how Lea and Trine was growing with their tasks. They both took responsibility and we are very proud of them. We look forward to having a new trainee.