Department of Architecture, Design, and Media Technology

New Adjunct Professor at Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology

Last modified: 21.09.2020

We are happy to welcome our new Adjunct Professor Sarah Robinson to Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology.
She is an architect practicing in San Francisco and Pavia, Italy, she holds degrees in both philosophy and architecture and was the founding president of the Frank Lloyd Wright board of trustees. Her books include Mind in Architecture with Juhani Pallasmaa and Architecture is a Verb (Routledge, 2/2021), she co-founded and edits the journal Intertwining and also teaches in the Neuroscience Applied to Architectural Design program at IUAV in Venice, Italy.

Her primary focus in this adjunct professorship will to understand the ways in which design shapes human perception and well-being, applying multi-disciplinary findings of cognitive science and neurophenomenology to a more than human practice of architecture.