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Inaugural lecture by Adjunct Professor Thomas Thessen

Futures for aviation and the possible consequences for Denmark

Last modified: 18.11.2019

For those of you who are not able to be present at Adjunct Professor Thomas Thessen's lecture on the development of aviation and its significance, you can watch the event online via IDA Fly.

IDA (The Danish Society of Engineers) is participating with a team who will record and stream the event, which is also going to be posted on ida.dk, so people can “click in” and follow if they do not have the opportunity to participate physically. You do not have to be a member of IDA to watch the webinar and it is free to join the lecture via the link.


Futures for aviation and the possible consequences for Denmark

Abstract: Aviation started as an activity purely for a wealthy minority of the population. Later the charter revolution opened up aviation for a much broader group of travellers. The last decades a huge growth in cheap flights following the liberation of traffic rights has opened up even more travel options. But new technologies and growing environmental concerns have created black clouds over the world’s aviation. The big question is how the society and the aviation sector will handle these challenges. The lecture will discuss different possible scenarios for aviation and what influence this could have for the Danish part of the sector.


14.00 Welcome by Head of Department Hans Jørgen Andersen
14.05 Presentation of the new Danish Aeromobities Academy by C-MUS Director and Associate Professor Claus Lassen
14.15 Making of Hub Airports - a cross analytical approach based on aeromobilities by Industrial PhD Jens Hundevad Bloch
14.45 Coffee break
15.00 Inaugural lecture by Adjunct professor in air traffic forecasting and data visualization Thomas Thessen
15.45 Questions

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