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Architecture and Design: Master's thesis projects online

A compact cooling unit for hunters, a portable solar cooker for cooking on the go, a climate centre placed in the dunes of Blokhus and use of virtual reality for citizen engagement in urban design. These are among the many inspiring master projects from the hands of our graduates in Architecture & Design this year. You can see their projects in the newly published online catalogues.

Last modified: 30.06.2021

“Architecture, Design and Urban planning represent three disciplines that have a decisive influence on people’s everyday lives. Architecture & Design at Aalborg University educates graduates in all three specialties, but with the common philosophy of integrating the artistic and technical understanding of the subject through this education,“ states Thomas Arvid Jaeger, Chairman of the study board at Architecture & Design, AAU in the introduction of the catalogues. 

This shows in the master projects of the graduates this year. 

Take a look at the interesting and creative projects in the two catalogues: 

Catalogue: architecture & urban design

Catalogue: Industrial design