Exams and re-exams

exam rules and policies

AAU's general exam rules and policies apply. In some cases, a student or a teacher will need to apply for e.g. an exemption or a reexamination. These special cases are described below. 


For AAU's general exam rules, visit this page

Rules and policies

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    Failed project exam - form for teachers

    When a student or student group fails a project exam, the project supervisor must fill out a statement concerning the failed project exam including a plan for the reexamination. The form is found below, and the instructions are on the form. 


    Statement concerning failed project exam

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    Illness or other special circumstances during an exam

    You can apply for an exam exemption in some special circumstances e.g. illness, more than three failed exams attempts, or special examination conditions e.g. if you need more time on an exam.


    For a list of exemptions, visit this AAU page


    You apply for an exemption with your study board. The Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology have specific procedues in place for how to apply for an exemption and for how to process an exemption application.


    For information on how to apply, visit this page on exemptions