Credit Transfer and study abroad

Credit transfer

A transfer of credit from one study programme or from one educational institute to another is an exemption from exams or a part of a study programme. This is relevant for you, if

  1. have completed exams that could be valid as a replacement for exams at your current study programme or the study programme you wish to transfer to or
  2. are enrolled on a study programme at AAU and wish to study a semester abroad or at another Danish university. 

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    Credit transfer

    A credit transfer is an exemption from exams or parts of a study programme. Credit transfer can be relevant if you have already completed parts of or an entire Danish or foreign higher education programme. If you consider studying abroad, you should  also investigate the rules for credit transfer. For more information on credit transfer at AAU, visit the links below:

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    Studying abroad or at another Danish university

    Before going abroad to study for a semester you must apply for pre-approval of credit transfer and have the application approved by the Study Board.

    In order to get the approval, you must fill in one of the forms below and send it to the Study Board in question. The instructions are on the form. You download the form that match your programme.
    Below, you will find links for the application templates for both study programmes under Architecture and Design and study programmes under Media Technology:
    Application for pre-approval of Credit Transfer – Architecture and Design

    Application for pre-approval of Credit Transfer – Media Technology 

    For informaiton on studying abroad as a AAU student, visit this page:


    AAU International Office