Evaluations of Teaching, Semesters and Study Programmes

At Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology, we conduct continuos evaluation of our teaching, semesters and study programmes in compliance with our evaluation plan (in Danish) and with AAU's general procedure for evaluations. The main elements in the evaluation process are as follows:

  • Semester and teaching evaluation questionnaires for students. At the end of each semester, a semester evaluation questionnaire is send out to all students attending the semester. Their answers are collected in the beginning of the next semester and is processed in the department administration with the objective to implement improvement points on the coming semesters. At the end of the spring semester, study environment is also evaluated by the students. Read more about study environment and the evaluations here.
  • Study programme questionnaires for students. The study programmes as a whole are evaluated by the students finishing their 6th semester on the BSc or their 4th semester on the MSc. These results are also processed in the department in order to improve the study programmes. 
  • Semester group meetings between students and teaching staff are held two-three times during each semester in order to register potential issues.
  • The evaluations report including the evaluation answers and the input from the semester group meetings is drawn up by the semester coordinator. The report functions as the fundation for processing the evaluations in the department. 

A simple time line for evauations are shown here. For a more detailed annual cycle, go via the link on the right side of this page. Here, you will also find links for our past evaluations as well as the evauation reports. 

If you want to know more about AAU's general procedure for evaluation of teaching, semesters and study programmes, visit this link (in Danish).


The following methods for evaluation apply

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    Semester group meetings

    The semester group consists of the semester coordinator, teachers and student representatives (one per project group) from the semester. Normally, the semester secretary also participates in the meetings and takes minutes. The semester coordinator is responsible for these meetings and colloborate with the secretary on planning etc. As a general rule, semester group meetings are held two or three times per semester. 

    The pupose of the meetings are to discuss teaching (form, content, etc.), workload, progress in projects, etc. Students are encouraged to solve minor issues themselves (e.g., discuss course issues with lecturer, report physical study environment issues via the building support app)

    The minutes of the meeting must be approved by the semester coordinator and published in the Moodle semester room and sent to the Study Board no later than a week after the meeting. Potentially sensitive information is communicated in other means by the coordinator.


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    Semester and teaching Evaluations

    At the end of each semester, students are asked to answer an electronic questionnaire reagarding the semester and teaching. Afterwards, the semester coordinator facilitates an evaluation meeting with the students for a joint evaluation. The semester evlauation material is presented to the study board as part of the semester coordinator's evaluations report (see below).

    After the study board has processed the results, the evaluations are published here.


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    Study Programme Evaluations

    All graduates from both bahelor's and master's programmes are asked to answer an electronic questionnaire reagarding the entire study programme in which they have participated. The results are processed by the study board and published here. 



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    Evaluation report

    At the end of each semester, the semester coordinator prepares an evaluation report including the feedback from the steering group meetings and the results from the semester evaluation - both the individual and the joint evlauations. The draft report is sent to students and teachers for comments before it is processed by the study board. The draft report including the comments, minority statements (if any) and recommendations on changes (if any) must be sent to the study board before the next interation of the semester. The report must not include sensitive personal information

    The chairman of the study board and the head of studies discuss potential follow up actions. If there are recurring or serious issues regarding specific individuals reported in the evaluations, the head of studies involves the head of the department. If the study administration is mentioned in the evlatuions and actions must be planned here, the head of studies will involve the area manager.