Employer Panel Architecture and Design

Employer Panel Architecture and Design

We greatly value cooperating with the companies that employ our graduates. Cooperation with private and public organisations is an important aspect of giving our students and researchers knowledge about challenges and cases from the real world.

We have therefore established an employer panel consisting of members from companies within the field of Architecture and Design to cover the full portfolio of our educations. The members are appointed for 4 years with the possibility of renewal. An overview of panel members is found below as well as a information on meetings and minutes.

The framework of the employer panel is found here (in Danish only).


  • Lars Juel Thiis - Partner Arkiktekt MAA, Cubo Arkitekter
  • Søren Tortzen - Designansvarlig, Arkitekt MAA, C.F. Møller
  • Bodil V. Henningsen - Projektleder, arkitekt MAA/ lokalleder Arkitektforeningen Nordjylland, Arkitektforeningen Nordjylland
  • Rasmus Cassøe - Partner og byplanlægger, CFBO
  • Mario Hesse - Byplanarkitekt, Aalborg Kommune
  • Anne-Sofie Øberg - Gruppeleder, Morsø Kommune
  • Katrina Wiberg - Adjunkt ved Arkitektskolen Aarhus og Projektleder ved Gustin Landskab
  • Michelle Nielsen-Dharmarate - Adm. Direktør, Partner Urland
  • Maria Vestergaard - Teamkoordinator Aalborg Kommune
  • Trine Bunton - Senior Chefkonsulent, Rambøll Danmark A/S
  • Christoffer Mørch - Dir. Medejer, Ideaal
  • Torben Søgaard Schaltz-  Manager, Systems Engineering, Global R&D Asetek
  • Thomas Lænner Design - Team Leader, Mekoprint A/S
  • Per Bjerring - COO, Ergonomic Solutions
  • Jan Fritsdal - Projektleder og DGNB Konsulent, Arkitema
  • Rikke Knutzen - Product Manager, Trackunit
  • Claus Otto Nielsen - Markedschef/arealudvikling, NiRAS
  • Christian Tollestrup - Associate Professor, Aalborg Universitet
  • Ole B. Jensen - Professor, Aalborg Universitet
  • Claus Lassen - Associate Professor, Aalborg Universitet
  • Lea Louise Laursen - Associate Professor, Aalborg Universitet
  • Ditte Bendix Lanng - Associate Professor, Aalborg Universitet
  • Camilla Brunsgaard - Associate Professor, Aalborg Universitet
  • Michael Lauring - Associate Professor, Aalborg Universitet

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5 November 2020:


3 October 2019: