Labs and Facilities

Labs and Facilities at CREATE

On this page, you will find information on which labs and facilities is accesible at both our Copenhagen and Aalborg campuses. You can read more about the labs, the equipment, locations and responsible staff in via the links.

Labs in Copenhagen

Labs in Aalborg

Manufakturet Prototype Lab

Manufakturet was originally an electronics lab, but the facility has expanded to provide rapid prototyping, modelling capabilities and more. The lab supports students in working on prototypes.

visit Manufakturet's website

V-Lab Prototype Lab

V-Lab is a student- and prototyping workshop. In the lab, you can get help designing and building physical models (scale models and fullscale models) for student projects.

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CREATE Prototype lab

The prototype lab consists of a wood workshop, metal workshop and a wetlab. Visit the protoryp lab's website via this link. On the site, you will also be able to access the lab booking system.

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Augmented Performance Lab

The Augmented Performance Lab is dedicated to research regarding performative aspects of interaction design. Researchers work on interactive technologies for music performance and production. The lab is linked directly to the Sound and Music Computing programme.

Visit the augmented performance lab website

Augmented Cognition Lab

The Augmented Cognition Lab is dedicated to the study of perception, cognition, affective states and aesthetic experience in relation to multimodal media and cognitive technologies. The lab supports research as well as courses and student projects.

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Audio Analysis Lab

The Audio Analysis Lab conducts research in audio and acoustic signal processing for good health and well-being. focusing on on how signal processing can be used to solve problems concerning the health and well-being of people in their daily lives.

Visit the Audio Analysis Lab website

The Multisensory Experience Lab

The research conducted in the Multisensory Experience Lab (ME-Lab) is centered around the use of multisensory technologies such as virtual and augmented reality. The research topics is especially related to sonic interaction design for multimodal environments, simulating walking experiences, sound rendering and spatialization, haptic interfaces, cinematic VR and evaluation of user experience in multimodal environments.

Visit the Multisensory Experience Lab's website

The Samsung Media Innovation Lab (SMILE)

The Samsung Media Innovation Lab helps to accelerate the development of innovative computational media content by educating the next generation of mediatech-, storyworld- and game-developers while addressing future challenges of media technology and society. In the lab, you can work with nine 55” screens, which are placed on a 3 x 3 video wall and a panorama set-up with five 65” curved 4K screens.

Visit the Samsung Media Innovation Lab's website

Human Robot Interaction Lab

The Human Robot Interaction Lab (HRI) is dedicated to create synergy between departments in the Technical Faculty of IT and Design at Aalborg University working on Human Robot Interaction. In the lab reasearchers and students are focused on the different challenges that might arise if robots are to work side by side with humans in dynamic environments both in production contexts but also in societal context like health care, education, or commerce. 

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The Ceagar Game Lab

In the CEAGAR Game Lab (Center for Applied Game Research) you can design, develop and evaluate games and interactive experiences based on game technologies.The CEAGAR Game Lab offers equipment and software which is useful when implementing and testing games and contains workstations with game engine software installed. 

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