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Facilities in Aalborg

Workshop/Prototyping Team in Rendsburggade 14

Office of the workshop/prototyping team: room 5.153
Website: http://facilities.create.aau.dk
– Workshop: Poul Lund, plund@create.aau.dk
– Workshop: Jens Munk Clemmensen, jmcl@create.aau.dk
– 3D print and plotter: Peter Skotte, peters@create.aau.dk

Local IT ServiceDesk in Rendsburggade 14

See more information here


Meeting Rooms in Rendsburggade 14

2nd floor:

4.315 (22 persons)
4.316 (8 persons)
5.346 (12 persons)
6.326B (10 persons)

3rd floor:

5.444B (10 persons)

4th floor:

4.531 (20 persons)

Workshops at Rendsburggade:

Workshop 6.111A (20 persons)
Workshop 6.111B (20 persons)
Workshop 6.111C (30 persons)
Workshop at Utzon Center (50 persons)

How can I book a meeting room or a workshop?

The administrative staff has publishing/editor rights to outlook calendars, in which they can book meetings/appointments.

The scientific staff can see occupied/free, and subject for booked appointments.

To book a meeting, contact someone from the administrative staff and they will help you.

To have a look at the calenders, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the calenders in Outlook
  2. Choose Open calenders
  3. Press Open shared calender
  4. Press Name
  5. Go to Global address list and find Create Rooms
  6. Double click on the room in question
  7. Press ok