The Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology is located in Aalborg and Copenhagen. We are about 150 employees and Ph.D. students. We are a part of the Technical Faculty of IT and Design and organized in four sections covering a broad range of research areas all concerning technology and the ways of developing sustainable and attractive ways of living. Our research concentrates on Architecture, Urban Design, Industrial Design and Media technology within areas as sustainability, robotics, sound and music analysis & processing, light design, game technology, interaction design etc. Our research is conducted in close collaboration with a wide range of companies, universities and the local authorities, and our researchers participate in both national and international projects. The common focus points of our research are to investigate the interplay between creativity and technology and to use this interplay to fulfill our ambition of delivering excellent human design centered technology research.

The department is unique in the Danish context, as it comprises disciplines within architecture, design, media and technology under one roof providing the foundation for a powerful new field of research and development of competence within the field of technology and design with a human focus.

Our department provides teaching to about 1200 students and we take pride in educating the future Engineers and Masters of Science supported by state of the art facilities, laboratories and equipment.
The Department is home to the two study boards affiliated with the educations of Architecture & Design and Media Technology. They ensure that our students are educated to face the challenges of the future labour market and are able to address the challenges of the future within our common goals of sustainable development.

Professor Hans Jørgen Andersen who has a background within Media Technology heads the department.


The department's vision is to utilize and investigate the interplay between creativity and technology for development of new growth areas in research and education directed towards the user or participants. The developed new architecture, urban design, products, and media solutions with the user or participants in focus address future societal challenges regarding development of sustainable and attractive ways of living. The impact on the physical environment and user interaction will be subjects for investigation, paving the way for new technologies and solutions that take the user experience fully into account. The ambition is to deliver excellent human design centred technology research.

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