Research and publications

Up-to-date list: click here. And google scholar’s stats here.

On-going research

  • Machine Learning primer tasks (summer 2013)
    just playing around with MIT lectures on machine learning, and coding tasks in python (numpy+scipy): github repo here.
  • 1 dimensional games [here]:
    the various prototypes I developed (overall) in 1 month circa.
  • Paper Turing Machines (article)
    Material: slides about computation, and Paper Turing Machine printable kit.
  • Prime Slaughter: chop monster-numbers to playfully learn about prime factorization [v0 and v0.6.2]

    Interactive presentation at HCII 2013: here.

My CV.


Member of the Low-Tech Club ( )

My slideshare page

ResearchGate page.

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